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Opennet Recruitment in Sihanouk Ville

Opennet Recruitment in Sihanouk Ville City – Technical support salary from 350 -650 $ Duties: Development and maintenance ADSL, FTTH Inspecting and repairing signal line FTTH Providing directly technical support for customer Salary Can Speak English ( 350$ – 550$ ) – Can Speak Chinese ( 450 -650 $ ) ...

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AAG Cabble repaired. Internet back to nomal

aag fiber

Dear value customers, According to the AAG operation unit, with efforts to promtly welded, 23rd  August 2016, the AAG recovering process has been completed, It means the internet speed is back to normal tate, customers will no longer experience some slowness as before. Opennet has continuously expanded international bandwidth to ...

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Exploring 1 billion times faster speeds

Fiber internet hight speed

Opennet News : About Exploring 1 billion times faster speeds Nearly 6 years ago, we started Google Fiber with the goal of making the web faster and better for everyone. We began with a fiber to the home solution delivering symmetrical gigabit speeds. The impact has been significant – on ...

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របៀប​ការពារ​ Wifi ពីការ​ Hack និង​កំណត់​ចំនួន​ឧបករណ៍​ភ្ជាប់

change mac internet wifi opennet

របៀប​ការពារ​ Wifi ពីការ​ Hack និង​កំណត់​ចំនួន​ឧបករណ៍​ភ្ជាប់ – Opennet Cambodia wifi share Wifi តាមផ្ទះ​គឺ​ជា​ឧបករណ៍​មួយដែល​បច្ចុប្បន្ន​មានសឹង​តែគ្រប់ផ្ទះ​ទៅហើយ​ ។ តែចំ​នេះ​ដឹងពី​វាក៏​កាន់​តែទំលំ​ទូលាយទៀតទៅ​ហើយ​ ហើយមាន​អ្នកអាចមាន​សមត្ថភាព​ Hack យក Password យកមកប្រើបានទៀត​ផង ។ ដូចនេះ​ជាការព្រួយបារម្ភ​មួយពីសំណាក់​អ្នកប្រើ​ទាំង​អស់ ថ្ងៃនេះ​ខ្ញុំ​សូមណែនាំពី​របៀបខ្លះៗ​ពីការការពារ​ពីហានិភ័យទាំង​អស់នេះ 3 steps check modem internet wifi opennet ជំហ៊ានដំបូង​យើងត្រូវ​ច្បាស់ថាឧបការយើងបាន​ភ្ជាប់ជាមួយ Wifi ជាមុនសិនរួច​ចូលទៅកាន់  ចូលទៅក្នុង Browser ណាមួយរបស់​លោកអ្នក​ហើយវាយ​ក្នុងប្រអប់ Address ហើយវាយពាក្យ admin ចូលក្នុងប្រអប់ទាំង២ ចូលទៅក្នុង​ Admin Account Step 2: ហើយចូលចុចលើ Wireless -> Station Info ...

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Internet Leased Line Opennet Cambodia

Internet Leased Line opennet cambodia

About Internet Leased Line Opennet Cambodia 1. Overview internet leased line opennet Powered by a self-healing infrastructure, Opennet’s Internet Leased Line (ILL) service meets the specialized connectivity requirements of Cambodia’s enterprise-class customers. Big Advantage of highly secured, stable and scalable dedicated network which offers direct connectivity to the internet. It ...

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Opennet in Borey New Wold – Borey Pipop Thmey

Internet opennet in borey new wold - pipop thmey

Big Promotion internet Opennet Cambodia in borey new world – Pipop thmey Customer registration will be installed free internet opennet 100%  installation fee at Borey new world – Pipop thmey in phnom penh, Cambodia , and reduced rates 2 antenna wifi modem only $ 27. when the customer sign contract ...

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Opennet contact in Cambodia

opennet contact in cambodia

Opennet contact in cambodia – mail and number hotline contact About OpenNet Cambodia Telecom – King Technologies LTD Opennet Cambodia constantly research and integrated deployment of more value-added services on one internet connection in order to bring maximum benefits for customers to use. Simultaneously, the promotion of cooperation with partners ...

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3 Steps up full signal internet wifi Opennet

new angten on the modem wifi opennet

Only 3 steeps we are can try handmade angten internet wifi opennet. Opennet share infomation how to can up full signal internet wifi in your home. After you wash out the empty can, use the knife or scissors to cut out the bottom. Then, repeat the process at the top ...

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What is internet Wifi ?

internet company in cambodia

Opennet Suport share  knowledges about internet wifi what is internet wifi ? Wi-Fi or internet WiFi is a local area wireless computer networking technology that allows electronic devices to connect to the network, mainly using the 2.4 gigahertz (12 cm) UHF and 5 gigahertz (6 cm) SHF ISM radio bands. ...

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