3 Steps up full signal internet wifi Opennet

Only 3 steeps we are can try handmade angten internet wifi opennet.

Opennet share infomation how to can up full signal internet wifi in your home. After you wash out the empty can, use the knife or scissors to cut out the bottom. Then, repeat the process at the top of the can, but this time, don’t cut all the way around – leave a one or two inch space at the top of the can.

Some steps handmade angten internet wifi

up speed internet wifiwe are find some beer or emty cocacola and star make it

up speed internet opennetFollow cut red line bottom of the beer

up signal wifi opennet
up signal wifi opennet

And cut more on the red line but not cut white line

handmade angten internet wifi
handmade angten internet wifi

follow more 1 cut on the center red line

angten internet wifi opennet

we are have new angten like on the picture

new angten on the modem wifi opennet

Put it in the hole and check new signal around you home

Demo after handmade

internet wifi

3 Steps up full signal internet wifi Opennet
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