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About Ip Transit Service

About IP Transit Services Opennet

Services of Opennet IP Transit provides ISPs, OSPs and companies or organizations wishing to use the Internet to connect directly to international high-speed Internet domain name any global or host at anywhere in the world through the national backbone networks and the connection point of Opennet in countries around the world.

IP Network system includes POP in Cambodia , Vietnam, Hong Kong, USA, Singapore connect directly with providers of telecommunications infrastructure services tier-1 as Level3, NTT, PCCW … and peering with over 300 providers of telecommunications services, content services … at the point big international IX.

ip transit sevrice in cambodia
ip transit sevrice in cambodia


  • Customers can easily connect to international travel but only through a single stage, which is connected directly.
  • High security, bandwidth, flexibility, stability
  • Service High-speed Internet access, the most stable. System redundancy cable big.
  • Support for all IP-based services run: Web server, Mail server, VoIP, video conferencing, FTP server …
  • Services running on DWDM & SDH transmission security and reliability
  • Flexibility to expand high-speed broadband: DS-1 / E-1 to OC-48 / STM-16; Fast Ethernet; Gigabit Ethernet.


Openneter directly to contracting, consultancy services, providing detailed information on roaming charges, charges to use the service, answer customer questions and other related information .

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About Ip Transit Service
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