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Internet Dedicated

About Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Opennet in Cambodia DIA is the Internet service that has the separated international gateway for offices , corporates which are on high demand for quality internet connection. Unlike the ordinary Internet connections such as ADSL or FTTH, DIA service can provide all speeds from minimum ...

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Register Internet Wifi

internet-wifi opennet

Register Internet Wifi OpenNet in Cambodia Promotional installed wifi internet OPENNET– Supplier leading telecommunications service in Cambodia, with the aim to best meet the needs of modern telecommunications, we were pioneers in providing ADSL service packages at extremely high speeds with the most competitive rates Opennet wifi Internet Packers Spical ...

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Internet In Sihanouk Ville

Call and register internet Opennet in Sihanouk Ville City – Free modem wifi – Free Installation For customer Opennet Services at Sihanouk Ville city Providing telecommunications network infrastructure for broadband Internet service Provide products and services of telecommunications, Internet Value-added service on the Internet, cell phone Setting up the network ...

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