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Leasedline Opennet Srevice

Internet Leased Line Opennet – What It Is and Why It’s Useful To Businesses

Internet leased lines offer a number of benefits. Their connection speeds are fixed, so your connection won’t slow down at peak times. They’re symmetric, so you’re more likely to have adequate bandwidth for applications such as telephony, FTPing files, and loading files from a server on another site (and saving them).

The costs of a digital leased line keep falling, as the UK telecoms networks are upgraded, the increased network usage leads to economies of scale. Much of the network makes use of fibre-optic cable. Upgrading it doesn’t usually require that new fibre be laid, just that the equipment at the ends of the fibres be upgraded. It’s not just computers that have been getting faster and cheaper. Networking equipment has to, and this has made it possible to provide digital leased lines for ever smaller monthly fees.

Types of leased line connections

Typically there are three main types of leased line connection:

  • connection between a customer location and a Point of Presence (PoP), which is typically used for access to the Internet;
  • point to point (P2P) connection between two customer locations;
  • connection between a customer location and a data centre.

Features leased line services

Maximize speed connection
Channel symmetrical connections, leased lines with speeds downloading and uploading equally at all times, real-time transmission, do not be late

The popular international gateway

Currently, Opennet  had infrastructure connecting domestic bandwidth of 50 Gbps, the international port of Opennet is exploited with a total capacity of 35Gbps with many international connections towards China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, USA, Japan can meet the diverse needs of clients such as conferencing (Video Conference), Virtual Private Network (VPN), remote support service (Call Center) …
Cost savings

Monthly fees are strictly managed, no extra charges. The upgrade to high speed or change configuration NxMbps system will become easier because customers do not need to invest in new equipment or installation of new transmission infrastructure


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